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Default Re: Fuji Mini Mite 3

Originally Posted by EijiFuller View Post
Cost was a big factor. I still wanted to get the best system for me. I did the research - reading all the online reviews. I found and pretty much read everything on the site and watched all the videos. I had pretty much made up my mind on the fugi Q4 w/ gravity gun but I still couldnt justify the cost with the amount of work I had lined up. I then figured the MM4 would be a good choice and called Roger Phelps at hvlp sales about it. I told him what I was planning to do and he suggested the MM3 w/ gravity gun. One plus is that the turbine is so compact that I could probably fit it, hose and gun into a sys5.

Wow, that is one awesome post. thanks for the info.

I am aware of Jerry's manual and have read it many times. I actually saved it to my desktop so i could access it faster.

One thing I am afraid of is that I will not be naturally gifted in the finishing process and actually have to work hard to get good at it.
Maybe not. I'm crossing my fingers. :sdrool:


Since when, are you afraid of hard work?

RW, thanks from me too!
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