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Default Re: Mirka Sandpaper

I have 6" Abranet in a variety of grits. I haven't used it much with my RO150, but I was happy with the results. However, I can't say that it's any better than Festool sandpaper because I don't have enough experience with it. Make sure that you get the correct adapter however: Buy Backing Pad, 6", Festool, Abranet Sanding Discs And Pads, Sandpaper,. Don't use the sandpaper directly attached to a Festool backing pad.

Also, I bought a little Abranet hand sanding block with a dust collection hose. Here's a brochure showing all three of their sanders: I have the little one and the hose. It works great besides excellent dust collection, the hose is small and light so it doesn't take any effort to use it. The hose connects to the CT22 inlet port.

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