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Default Re: Hey Chris, I got your Bird Right Here!

Talkfestool is indeed a Festool forum and I would go as far as to say just about any question you have about Festools can be answered here, there are many members who frequent this forum who I would consider experts in their own right. A common interest brings us together here and many strong friendships have been formed and talkfestool seems to have evolved into a social club for people interested in Festools, this was a total surprise to me but not an unpleasant one , that said social club or not there is someone here that knows the answer to your Festool questions and will be more than willing to answer them for you. Above all talkfestool is driven by its members, the way it evolves is mainly down to you the members, myself and the other admins and mods try not to interfere and censor either your posts or the direction of the conversations unless it is absolutely necessary, I guess in reality what I am trying to say is whats talked about here is what the members want to talk about, be it chit chat or hard core festool talk, as long as everyone enjoys themselves and continues to come back talkfestool is a success IMHO...

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