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I'm going to jump in on this car issue and give you my 2 cents worth (and that's about all it's worth)

We don't hear how well the foreign car companies are doing because we don't monitor their stocks and stock markets like those here.

The unions have done much to destroy the car industry. Wages too high, retirement too high, and work level too low. I lived near Detroit while growing up and have many relatives working or retired from the Big 3 today. A pipe fitter installing pipe in the factory must stop and wait for an electrician to show up before the pipe can cross an electric line that is in conduit. That is one example of thousands that happen daily inside the factory.

But the management has many faults too. Too many bosses and salaried personnel. Too many top executives. Management agreed to union concessions. But management's biggest faults are lack on innovation, lack of change, and lack of leadership.

Management took the easy path and built what people wanted. Where would Festool be if they listened to us? Would Festool have a plunge saw? There is nothing wrong with producing what the people want but there is a time for management to jump in and produce something new and innovative. The only way cars have become safer is through government interaction and forcing it upon the Big 3. Sure, we've some great prototypes and "concept cars". But over 40 years which of these were ever built? The Big 3 have had prototype electric cars for 30 years but never pushed it into mass production. The public has discussed wanting them for over 10 years and we're tired of waiting.

Every one of us that watched any TV over the last 40 years knew that the 21st century was going to be full of flying cars. Were 8 years into the 21st century and what do we have? Now flying cars might not be practical to do but where has Detroit innovation been? Where is the change in our cars over the last 30 years? I'm not talking about enhancements like GPS or DVD players. I'm talking about design, tires, engine.

In the 60's I remember watching with anxiety as the new car models came out. Now, who cares. We know they will look like last years, and the year before and the year before that.

Now, do the Big 3 really need this bail out package? Hard to say. The numbers being presented are from their last quarter. That was the end of the production year when sales are always bad. Expenses were up as tooling was changed for new models. The new models come out in October. Consumers buy then through December, and the businesses buy new cars after the first of the year. It is like determining your family finances by looking at October, November and December when expenses are high, heating cost high, clothing cost high, etc.
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