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Default Re: Canon 5D Mk II announced.

The only real advantage of the 50D vs. the 40D is the new vga quality LCD screen. Image quality is not improved over the 40D, or the XSi for that matter. The 40D is actually a great deal now with the introduction of the 50D; 40D bodies can be had for approx. $900.

Unfortunately Canon fell prey to their own marketing forces and increased the pixel density to a staggering 15MP on an aps-c sized sensor. Even with their new gapless microlenses and other technological advances, you cant escape the inevitable result of a noisier sensor. Few if any lenses can provide enough resolution to take advantage of such a dense sensor. The point of diminishing returns on an aps-c sensor is about 10MP.

The Nikon 300 is a great camera if you want to go the Nikon route.

I would reconsider the 40D in light of the recent price drop. The 50D introduction is a perfect example of why its often silly to upgrade simply for the sake of upgrading.
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