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Default Re: Canon 5D Mk II announced.

Interesting thread from a couple of months ago. All the predictions appear to be true now that the 5D II camera has been "officially" released. It looks like the line between still and video cameras has been shattered once and for all.

On a related, but much less expensive note, I have been trying to decide which new camera system to purchase for the Southern Oregon Guild. It is time to replace the first generation SLR the Guild originally purchased several years ago. A number of the Guild members favor Canon but our budget does not reach beyond the 40/50D. Just before the announcement of the 50D the decision was made to purchase a 40D so I bought the 100mm 2.8 macro for the jewelry and smaller objects and the 17-40 4 L for studio work with larger items along with a 40D body. I returned the 40D body when the 50D was announced but have yet to purchase the 50D body.

I am a bit "stuck" since the Nikon 300 with it's seemingly better kit lens and a macro would be in the same price range as the Canon with these two first rate lenses. Do any of you have first hand experience with the Canon 50D and the Nikon D300 in terms of how easily artists might acclimate to learning how to use them effectively? I could use some help to make the decision whether to return/sell the unused Canon lenses and switch to the Nikon or stay with the Canon 50D. Thanks.

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